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05/29/2013 - “Feel the air” with DJ CONTROL AIR+. The new Hercules DJ controller that gives you more: more for scratching, more to sharpen your mixing skills – and more fun.

London, 29th May, 2013 - Ready to catch some air alongside the DJs who’ll be aiming high this summer?
It’s your turn with the new DJ CONTROL AIR+ from Hercules.

But what exactly is a DJ controller that gives you "more"?

Is it a controller that offers more than the original model in this series (DJ Control AIR, enthusiastically received upon its release in early 2012), or simply a controller with more to love about it than any other product in its category? When the controller in question is the new DJ CONTROL AIR+ from Hercules, one of the worldwide leaders in portable DJ mixers for computers, the answer is: it’s both.

More comfortable space for mixing, jog wheels with more surface area for scratching, more creative functions thanks to 8 velocity-sensitive pads, more air control with more fun, and more volume for its audio output. This brand-new controller gives all the DJs who started out with a DJControl Instinct, MP3 e2 or DJ Control AIR a great new opportunity to learn even more about mixing, and truly take their skills to the next level. And for everyone looking for a large, full-featured mixer that brings together creativity, scratching and incredibly fun mixing possibilities in a single controller which still remains easily portable (one of Hercules’ DJ gear design features right from the start): your search is over.

Large jog wheels for the ultimate scratching experience

DJ CONTROL AIR+ is the largest controller in the Hercules DJing range (at 17.7 inches / 45 cm wide), giving you the ergonomic design and comfort you need to practice and perform. It also features the largest jog wheels of any controller in the range, ideal for perfecting your scratching skills: 5.9 inches / 15 cm in diameter (the same size as on CD turntables), with mechanical pressure detection and more than 750 steps per turn - for scratching that’s intuitive, natural (just like with a vinyl or CD turntable) and totally precise.

Air control: Feel the air

An innovation first seen in the DJ Control AIR in early 2012, a built-in infrared sensor is also featured in the DJ CONTROL AIR+... but this time with even more range. To wow the crowd and really put on a show, DJs can control their mix and effects without even touching the controller - just move your outstretched hand up and down above the sensor, with up to 12 inches / 30 cm of range. This AIR control (which stands for Adjustment by InfraRed) lets you instantly and quickly modulate a parameter in the mixing software.

8 velocity pads: let your imagination run wild

A very popular feature on the DJ Control AIR and other more professional solutions from Hercules such as the DJConsole RMX 2, Hercules has also included genuine, advanced touchpads on this new controller - 4 per deck. They let DJs easily liven up their mix with samples and hot cue points, giving free rein to their creativity: just tap on a pad to trigger it instantly... and the harder you tap on a pad, the louder the playback volume! The pads even light up, helping you to easily find them even in the dark or very low-light conditions.

More audio connectivity options

Hercules DJ CONTROL AIR+ features 2 stereo audio outputs:

  • to play your mix on speakers: one stereo 1/8" / 3.5 mm mini-jack output (for multimedia speakers), plus one dual RCA output (for monitoring speakers), 
  • for headphone previewing and monitoring: one stereo 1/4" / 6.35 mm jack output and one stereo 1/8" / 3.5 mm mini-jack output (no need for an adapter).
A high-quality mic input is also included, allowing you to connect a dynamic microphone. DJ CONTROL AIR+ lets you record not only the mix but also your voice, add effects to your voice, and even speak over the music.

Comprehensive mixing software, for instant use and fun right out of the box 

DJ CONTROL AIR+ comes bundled with DJUCEDTM 40°, the new DJ mixing software providing impeccable sound quality. It displays your mixes in a streamlined, intuitive graphic interface which lets you stay focused on the music.

Hercules DJ CONTROL AIR+ will be available from June 2013 at a suggested retail price of £199.99.

For more information, please visit www.HerculesDJMixRoom.com, our official Facebook fan page  and our Youtube official channel 




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