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06/28/2012 - Find your WAE – Wireless Audio Experience – with Hercules


London, June 28, 2012 - At the CES in Las Vegas, Hercules, the audio expert, announced that it was creating a line of wireless speakers, responding to all of the different ways that people listen to music - via computer, via smartphone, and inside or outside their home.

Today, the first model in this new line arrives in stores: Hercules WAE WSM01.
So take note - and prepare yourself to live this totally new audio experience with the WAE, Wireless Audio Experience. Hercules WAE invites you to join on a journey that will be both unique and fun-filled...

Unbeatable Plug & Play performance

With its WAE WSM01, Hercules set out to meet the needs and expectations of a group of consumers that it knows extremely well: all the people who have turned their computer (PC or Mac®) into their stereo system, and use it to store their music library.
Now you can say goodbye to having to move your computer to different rooms in your home, in order to enjoy all of your music wherever you are at any given time. And there’s no more worries about how complicated installing a wireless speaker system can be - because using the WAE WSM01 is child’s play.
No matter what operating system you’re using (Windows, Mac or Linux), all you need to do is connect the small USB dongle included in the kit to your computer, switch on the speaker and start playing your music in your favorite audio player - or from any music source on the Web.The speaker instantly starts playing the music, without the need for any cable between the speaker and your computer.

The central remote control, which (very helpfully) incorporates a magnet so that it can easily stay attached to the speaker, lets you control your audio player software remotely - volume, changing tracks - without having to be in front of your computer, and without having to aim the remote at the speaker, either.

By simply disconnecting the USB dongle, the sound automatically reverts to your computer’s speakers. Using the wireless system could not be easier, providing you with a truly unique way to enjoy the fun of music.

Cutting-edge design for optimized audio

Months of intense development work ensure that the WAE WSM01 provides excellent sound quality - equivalent to that of a CD - with no audio latency in videos or games. The WAE speaker delivers exceptional bass response, thanks in particular to its dedicated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for audio processing. Its use of the DSP, in conjunction with an advanced algorithm, allows the speaker to analyze all of the sound frequencies that it receives. This results in both reduced power consumption - by only providing the exact amount of audio power required - and enhanced listening quality.

In this way, the WAE WSM01 provides record battery life, making it one of the most efficient mobile systems available today: up to 20 hours of non-stop music, at medium volume. The 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology built into this design has been optimized for audio, allowing users to enjoy listening to music up to 20 meters (65 feet) away from their computer. All of your music can therefore follow you throughout your home - in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom... (73 dB SPL @ 1 m). The system can also be plugged into an electrical outlet.

The speaker’s round shape, chrome highlights and elegant black lacquer finish make it a trendy, lifestyle object that fits in perfectly with the look of any room.
At the back, a built-in handle makes it easy to take the speaker with you wherever you feel like listening to your music.

Hercules WAE WSM01 will be available from end July 2012, at a suggested retail price of £179.99 (VAT included).

Discover the Hercules WAE WSM01 at

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