DJControlWaveM3 - Hercules

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The first wireless DJ controller compatible with all your screens

  • Mix from the dancefloor
  • Be as creative as pro DJs.
  • Get input from partygoers, for nights that they’ll never forget!


MULTI-SCREEN MODE: Extended, completely new mixing possibilities!
Mix using your Mac® or PC (USB connection).
Control or extend the mix from your smartphone or tablet via the controller’s built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and the custom DJUCEDTM Master app.
Discover infinite possibilities thanks to this cutting-edge app!

PC/Mac® LAPTOP MODE: The essentials for mixing
Control DJUCEDTM 40°on your Mac® or PC (via USB connection).
Compatible with all MIDI DJ software (VirtualDJ, Traktor...).

TABLET MODE: Intuitive mixing at your fingertips
Wirelessly connect your tablet to DJControlWaveM3: you’re ready to mix!
(via Bluetooth® wireless technology)
Control DJUCEDTM DJW on your iPad® or DJUCEDTM App on your compatible AndroidTM tablet (1).
Preview upcoming tracks on your headphones using the included splitter cable.

A touch of elegance
Ultra-slim design.
Lacquered finish on top face of the controller, and metallic surface on jog wheels.
Elegant backlighting indicating the status of different controls and providing visual cues for the DJ, even in low-light conditions.
Lightweight and portable: take it along with you in your bag to host amazing parties, wherever you go!
Adjustable iPad® support stand angle for enhanced comfort of use and optimal visibility.


DJControlWaveM3 is much more than just a DJ controller: it’s the perfect ecosystem for "connected" DJs. Now you can finally control your mix on all your screens - PC, Mac®, AndroidTM and iOS!
DJControlWaveM3 is also a wireless controller, giving you total mixing freedom and the ability to spontaneously host great parties anywhere you go!

1 - Enjoy the FREEDOM to move and experience parties at the heart of the dance floor, whenever the mood strikes you.

Now you’re totally free to move around and have fun with people at the party. In addition to your computer, you can control your mix from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology and "My Remote" via the custom DJUCEDTM Master app.
Stay in control of upcoming tracks! Even if you’re busy talking with people or having a drink, the PANIC button is always there for you just in case - it will automatically start playing the next track that fits best with your mix!

2 - Be as creative as pro DJs.

With the "My Extender" module in DJUCEDTM Master, you can let your creativity run wild.
Create loop + Fx combos with just one finger - something normally reserved for the pros! Applying and manipulating a professional-quality effect has never been this simple and fun.

3 - Get input from partygoers, for nights that they’ll never forget!

Get ready for your parties by sharing your playlist with partygoers using DJUCEDTM 40°- ask them to vote for their favorite tracks. Using the DJUCEDTM Master app, you can view the voting results in real time. Your playlists will be guaranteed to please!
While a party is underway, partygoers can vote for their favorite tracks and enjoy interacting with you live! Playlist votes are displayed on your second screen (tablet or smartphone), allowing you to follow developments in real time.
Receive notifications about the songs and artist names that your audience wants to hear, and even their messages for dedication requests. Customize your playlist and interactions with partygoers to make the night even more unforgettable!

Extend your DJ controller using the "My Remote" and "My Extender" modules. Get input from your audience to ensure the best possible party thanks to "DJUCEDTM Party" (votes on the playlist, song requests and dedications).
DJUCEDTM Master is a free, totally innovative app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Full-featured, intuitive DJ software.
For PC/Mac® - included in the pack.

All DJ functions right at your fingertips.

DJ app available on the App Store.

DJUCEDTM App for AndroidTM
DJ app available on Google Play.

(1) For AndroidTM: please verify compatibility.

Use your tablet/smartphone wirelessly
Built-in Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless technology.
Super-fast wireless connection between the controller and your tablet/smartphone.
Enjoy a range of up to 10 meters between your tablet/smartphone and the controller.

Say goodbye to power outlets
The built-in rechargeable battery provides 8 hours of continuous-use battery life on a full charge!

Intuitive mixing at your fingertips
Mixing controls on 2 separate decks.
20 control buttons: Play/Pause, Cue, Sync and much more.
5 faders (volume, pitch and crossfader).
6 rotary potentiometers for EQ settings.
2 rotary potentiometers to manage loops with ease: just press to turn looping on/off, and turn to adjust the loop’s length.

2 touch-detecting jog wheels.
Easily adjust the master volume.
Use the included splitter cable to preview upcoming tracks on your headphones.

Eye-catching design, wave-inspired lines
The controller’s name reflects its unique shape, which was inspired by the curves of a wave.

Exceptionally comfortable to use, in either mixing position
The tablet support stand can easily be adjusted to your choice of 2 different positions.
Mixing is more comfortable than ever, and you’ll also enjoy optimal visibility on your iPad®, no matter which position you’re using it in.

Elegant backlighting
Indicates the status of the different controls.
Makes it easy to use the controller, even in low-light conditions.








Technical specifications

2-deck DJ controller featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology and USB
•Jog wheels with capacitive touch detection
•Built-in rechargeable battery
•Elegant backlighting
Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless technology
Complete mixing software pack available for download free of charge:
DJUCEDTM 40° for Mac®/PC
DJUCEDTM Master for iOS/AndroidTM
DJUCEDTM App for AndroidTM(1)


Box contents

Hercules DJControlWaveM3
Printed Quick Start Guide + poster
USB cable
USB charger (5 V/1 A)
Splitter cable


Minimum configuration

DJUCEDTM DJW: iPad® 2 or later
DJUCEDTM Master: iPad® 3 or later
iOS 7 or later
•Windows 7/8 (32/64-bit)
•Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster
•RAM: 2 GB
•Core Duo processor
•OS X® 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 (32/64-bit)





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