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DJ Control MP3

12/06/2007 - New DJ Control MP3 driver for Mac OS® 10.5 (Leopard)

The new Hercules DJ Control MP3 driver version 4.0.2 replaces the previous driver, designed for Mac OS® 10.4 (Tiger).

The previous driver version was designed for Mac OS® 10.4. Therefore:
- It enabled the DJ Control MP3 to function perfectly under Mac OS® 10.5, so long as the DJ Control MP3 had initially been installed on a computer running Mac OS® 10.4, and that computer was subsequently updated to Mac OS® 10.5 following installation of the DJ Control MP3,
- However, the installation would not work if the user tried to install the DJ Control MP3 in Mac OS® 10.5 directly.

The new driver resolves this problem: it installs and functions perfectly with both Mac OS® 10.4 and Mac OS® 10.5.

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