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06/13/2013 - Hercules DJ Console Series - 2013_HDJS_2 package for PC


1. System Requirements
- Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

2. Supported gears
- DJControl AIR+
- DJConsole Rmx2
- DJControl MP3 LE
- DJControl Instinct
- DJ Control AIR
- DJ 4Set
- DJ Console 4-Mx
- DJ Console MK4
- DJ Trim 4&6
- DJ Control Mp3 e2
- DJ Control Steel
- DJ Control MP3
- DJ Console Rmx
- DJ Console Mk2
- DJ Console

3. Installation
1- Uninstall the previous driver version:

(Windows 8/ 7 /Vista ): Click Start/Control Panel /Programs/Uninstall a program, then uninstall Hercules DJConsole Series drivers .

(Windows XP) : Click Start/Settings/Control Panel /Add or Remove Programs then uninstall Hercules DJConsole Series drivers.

Alternatively, you can simply launch this package: it will uninstall the previous drivers for you.

2- Restart your PC.

3- Following these instructions to install the new drivers.

4- At the end of the installation, you may be prompted to update your firmware version if your console doesn’t use the most recent version. Please be sure to strictly follow the on-screen instructions for this very important procedure.

5- You are now ready to use your DJ device.

4. Changes
- Added support for DJControl AIR+
- DJControl AIR+: update to Firmware v23
- Added support for DJConsole Rmx2
- New system tray and Control Panel options
- Corrected some minor control panel bugs

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