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XPS* 2.1 35

A compact, high-performance 2.1 kit!

  • A compact, high-performance 2.1 kit! (Coming soon)




Compact 2.1 speaker kit


  • Exclusive and unique design: attractive-looking speakers that don’t take up much space near your computer
  • Total power: 25 watts RMS (2 x 5W + 15W). Peak power: 50 watts. Optimal power in this price category
  • Speakers are magnetically shielded so as not to disturb your surroundings
  • Headphone jack and secondary line input on the remote control
  • Bass level control knob on the subwoofer’s front face
  • Integrated power supply
  • Lacquered finish on satellites’ front face
  • Satellite dimensions: 19cm (height) x 6.2cm (width) x 7cm (depth)
  • Wooden subwoofer dimensions: 20.5cm (height) x 15cm (width) x 22cm (depth)
  • 1.8 meter cable to connect to audio source
  • Product meets RoHS standards


* XPS: Extended Personal Sound 


Technical specifications

Total power:

  • 25 watts RMS
  • 50 watts Peak power



Compatible with:

  • PC
  • Netbook
  • Mac®
  • MP3 player
  • CD/ DVD player
  • TV
  • Game consoles


Box contents

  • 2 magnetically shielded satellite speakers
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 1 wired remote control
  • Connection cable to audio source
  • Warranty certificate and paper manual


Minimum configuration

  • PC with sound card
  • Mac®
  • MP3 player
  • CD/DVD player
  • Game console



Unit reproducing an acoustic wave from an electrical signal which vibrates one or more membranes, the movements creating a sound wave.
System for transmitting sound over three channels, with 2 channels reproducing medium and high range frequencies and 1 channel reproducing bass frequencies.
Satellite is the name given to a speaker which does not reproduce bass frequencies: this speaker is therefore the satellite to a subwoofer. In a X.1 kit (2.1, 4.1, 5.1 , 6.1 or 7.1), the digit before the point 1, i.e. the 2, 4, 5, 6 or 7, represents the number of satellites in the speaker kit.
The subwoofer is a speaker which reproduces bass frequencies, and is often larger than other types of speakers as bass frequencies require larger membranes than is the case with high or medium frequencies. A single subwoofer is most often included in a speaker kit: as bass frequencies are transmitted all around the membrane (omnidirectionally) and not just in front of the membrane, a single subwoofer is sufficient to provide rich bass sound all across an area, as long as it is powerful enough. In a X.1 kit (2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1), the digit after the period, i.e. the 1, signifies that 1 subwoofer is included.
Watts RMS
Power in Watts RMS represents the continuous electrical power delivered by an amplifier to speakers.
Watts Peak Power
Watts Peak Power represents the peak electrical power delivered by an amplifier to speakers.
Magnetic shielding
Magnetic shielding shields against the magnetic field generated by speakers, for example. If a speaker is touching a CRT screen (television or computer), magnetic shielding is necessary to avoid disturbing the display.
Line input
Analog audio input designed to receive an unamplified sound signal. There are 2 line levels: the general public line level, at -10dBv: this is the signal output level of a Hi-Fi component connected to an amplifier via a connector known as a line input. The professional line level, at +4dBu, is much more powerful, and is used to connect studio or public-address (PA) equipment.
Headphone plug
Stereo audio output allowing for the connection of stereo headphones. A headphone plug uses a connector in 3.5mm mini-jack format.
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