Gamesurround Muse XL Pocket LT3 - Hercules

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Sound cards

Gamesurround Muse XL Pocket LT3

“Pocket-size” 5.1 USB sound card

  • 5.1
  • PC/Mac®
  • Inclus : Micro-casque mono


USB bus-powered sound card: ultra-compact and lightweight, perfect for enjoying 5.1 surround sound when watching DVDs and playing games on your laptop!


Technical specifications

- Includes control software for settings and effects

- Ergonomic volume control: just press to adjust

- Quick mute function

- Output connectors at the back of the module for enhanced ergonomics: Front/Center/Rear for 5.1 surround effect

- Input connectors on the front of the module: Line input for audio source (MP3 player, iPod®), microphone input (+ amplified headphone output)

- Xear3D technology for 3D positioning, compatible with Microsoft® DirectSound®, DirectMusic®, EAX® 1.0, EAX® 2.0

- Included: Mono headset



Box contents

  • Gamesurround Muse XL Pocket LT3 external audio module
  • Mono headset
  • Installation CD-ROM containing:
    • Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 / Vista / Windows® 7 drivers
    • User Manual



Minimum configuration

PC running Windows ® XP SP2 / Vista / Windows® 7 /8
Mac OS X (stereo audio output)



Sound card
Electronic circuit added to a computer to play back or record sound files. The sound card is connected to speakers, headphones or an amplifier.
External sound card
Computer sound card which connects to a computer’s exterior port, generally USB, FireWire or CardBus.
3D stereo effect
The 3D stereo effect consists of acoustically simulating a gap between 2 speakers physically positioned relatively close to one another, as is the case when 2 speakers function together as part of a mini Hi-Fi system, television set, radio or single amplified unit. Also referred to as Spatial Stereo, Enhanced Stereo or extended stereo.
Line input
Analog audio input designed to receive an unamplified sound signal. There are 2 line levels: the general public line level, at -10dBv: this is the signal output level of a Hi-Fi component connected to an amplifier via a connector known as a line input. The professional line level, at +4dBu, is much more powerful, and is used to connect studio or public-address (PA) equipment.
Microphone input
An analog plug to which a microphone is connected: microphone inputs may be in 6.35mm jack (1/4’’ jack), 3.5mm jack (1/8’’ jack) or XLR formats.
Headphone plug
Stereo audio output allowing for the connection of stereo headphones. A headphone plug uses a connector in 3.5mm mini-jack format.
System for transmitting sound over 6 channels, with 5 channels reproducing medium and high range frequencies and 1 channel reproducing bass frequencies.
Sound management software protocol used in Microsoft Windows®, DirectSound™ is part of a software interface provided by Microsoft called DirectX [which also includes Direct Input (management of joysticks, mice, keyboards...), Direct 3D (graphics display management), DirectPlay (network management)…] allowing software developers to quickly develop their applications.
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