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Mobile DJ MP3

11/10/2007 - Hercules Mobile DJ Mix release 1.05

This new release of the Hercules Mobile DJ Mix software replaces Hercules Mobile DJ Mix releases 1.04 and 1.03 for the following DJ controller:

  • Hercules Mobile DJ MP3

A user-friendly DJ mixing application, Hercules Mobile DJ Mix 1.05 lets you:

  • Load your existing digital music library from previous releases of Hercules Mobile DJ Mix or from iTunes® (the audio files must have no DRM protection).
  • Analyze your music files for BPM (Beats Per Minute) rates.
  • Save playlists.
  • Add effects or loops during playback.
  • Save your mixes as audio files.
  • Facilitate DJ mixing with user-friendly commands tailored for the Mobile DJ controller.
  • Easily automate mixing thanks to a highly efficient automatic mixing function.
  • Preview your music tracks with great multi-channel playback (1 stereo channel plays the mix for the audience, another stereo channel plays the next track over the headphones).
  • And much more...

Release 1.05 of Hercules Mobile DJ Mix reduces CPU consumption in some DJ mixing operations in relation to release 1.04, and improves audio quality during these operations, which were previously too CPU-intensive.

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